ADAS Calibrations

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is one of the many marvels of modern automobile technology. Fenham Garage Services specialises in ADAS calibrations which almost every car maker recommends after windshield replacement. We have devised a cutting-edge strategy to recalibrate the camera to its pre-set parameters using the latest techniques in the automotive industry.

The ADAS is designed to enhance the safety and security features of a vehicle. Depending on the car make and model, it may include 360° cameras, autonomous emergency brakes, lane departure recognition, blind-spot monitoring, forward collision sensors, pedestrian detection and traffic sign recognition among other features.

Why do you need ADAS calibrations?

Most of these features are maintenance-free and require no external intervention. However, the front-facing camera which is mounted on the windshield requires calibration when you replace your car’s windshield.

When a vehicle’s ADAS is not calibrated accurately, its safety system is compromised. Even if the camera is misaligned by a few millimetres, it is a severe safety threat, especially in neck-to-neck city traffic.

As such, we perform ADAS calibrations in Fenham with utmost sincerity. We restore the system according to the OEM standards to ensure maximum precision of the system.

Avail the services of the best ADAS calibration garage in Fenham

As the most advanced auto garage in this region, we are your best bet for ADAS calibrations. Our team of experienced technicians are adequately equipped to perform this service with absolute precision so that your safety is never in question.

When you replace your windshield at our garage, our ADAS trained technicians will alert you of the need for any recalibration your vehicle might need. We will then move forward with the calibration process, which may either be static or dynamic depending on various factors.

  • Static calibration: This is the old school way of recalibrating the ADAS camera. In this process, our technicians will set up targets at different distances and let the camera calibrate itself from a fixed position.
  • Dynamic calibration: It is the more commonly used approach used at our ADAS calibration garage in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Unlike static calibration, it is done when the vehicle is in motion. The onboard computers are optimised to read specific targets like lane dividers and recalibrate to its OEM specifications.

We make sure to road test your vehicle after successfully calibrating its ADAS.

Why compromise on road safety? Call us now

Fenham Garage Services is a renowned ADAS calibration garage in Fenham, with a track record for accurate and affordable services. Visit us today and enhance the safety features of your car.

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