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We at Fenham Garage Services are here to take care of any problems that might arise with your car’s air conditioning system. The highly trained technicians are experts in diagnosing problems with your vehicle’s air conditioning in Fenham and provide a prompt solution.

Our pricing for air-con re-gas are as follows:
r1234yf (New Gas) – £125
r1234a (Old Gas) – £49
The filling of both gases approximately takes 90 minutes individually.

You certainly don’t want to drive in temperatures crossing 30°C during summers. Thanks to your car’s air conditioning system, you stay cool irrespective of how miserable it is outdoors.

You push a button or turn a knob and it starts to run silently in the background making sure your journey is pleasant. Because it runs incognito, you ignore it when maintaining their car. Hence, a sudden failure in the AC will make your drive no so comfortable.

That’s where we come in with our air con services.

Symptoms of a faulty car air conditioning system:

1. Weak or inconsistent air flow

One of the common problems that you might face with your car’s AC is weak or inconsistent cooling. A faulty AC expansion valve will lead to irregularities in the flow of the refrigerant. Thus, the air flowing from your vehicle AC is never optimal.

2. Low refrigerant

The refrigerant is the main ingredient that ensures cold air from your AC. A depletion in its levels will lower your car AC’s power to keep you comfortable. Hence, the AC starts to blow warm air. In such a situation, you might also need aircon regas in Fenham.

3. Accumulation of frost on AC vents

Many a time, a faulty evaporator can cause a build-up of frost on the AC vents. In such cases, the air will also be colder than normal. However, not to worry as Fenham Garage Services is here to help you.

4. Compressor runs constantly

The AC compressor will cycle the refrigerant continuously if the former does not stop. This scenario may happen when the AC expansion valve remains open.

Reasons for car AC failures

There are various reasons why your vehicle’s air conditioning in Newcastle Upon Tyne can fail. Firstly, an anomaly from roads can enter your car through the front and damage the condenser while you drive.

Secondly, the condenser can get blocked due to several reasons. The component uses air coming from the front of your car to cool the refrigerant after compression. Also, there might be refrigerant leaking caused by a broken compressor.

Fenham Garage Services is the most popular auto garage providing such services. Our experienced technicians can provide an all-inclusive air conditioning recharge in Fenham to restore your vehicle’s air conditioning system to its optimal running conditions.

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