Alloy Wheel Repair

At Fenham Garage Services, we pride in our professional and precision services. Your car's alloy wheels are susceptible to many road hazards. The wheels are subject to many damaging agents such as slush, mud, dust and debris. They are also prone to damage due to friction and coalition. Maintaining your wheels in the best condition is essential. So visit our garage for an alloy wheel repair in Fenham.

What are the signs of wheel damage?

The following types of damages are common with alloy wheels. On noticing any of these damages seek expert help immediately as driving with damaged wheels can be detrimental to your safety.

  • Backside bends

These problems manifest in forms of dents and depressed surfaces on a wheel's inner lip. It's also possible for these damages to occur in the outer rim, the spokes or the face. These bends are usually left after a collision or after running over a pothole, kerb or other road hazards.

  • Kerb damage

Kerb damage occurs in the form of a scratched surface on the front lip of a wheel after driving on a flat tyre. It’s vital that you opt for an alloy wheel repair Newcastle Upon Tyne on noticing such damage.

  • Corrosion

Sludge and slurry on roads can contain chemicals, salts, acids and other corrosive elements. When allowed to deposit on the tyre surface these corrode the coating of the alloy wheels. Also, brake dust that contains metal shavings can scratch the surface of alloy wheels, making way for rust.

  • Gouges

The damage occurs in the form of a scrapped out metal chunk from the wheel’s body. Welding and CNC machining is necessary for repairing such damages.

  • Cracks

Occurs due to hard impact with some road-side debris and kerbs. A cracked wheel won't be able to sustain the full weight of the vehicle, and eventually, lead to failure.

At Fenham Garage Services, we repair all kinds of wheel damages. With an investment of £500,000, we have built a workshop that can cater to all types of service requirements.

Alloy wheel services we offer

  • Wheel colour change and matching

Due to rust, a wheels’ finish will change. We can help you to restore it to pristine form. Our technicians will suggest the best type of finish depending on your car's aesthetics. Mat black, marble effect, or shiny silver finish, we can provide all.

  • Diamond cutting

To remove rust and damage, we perform diamond cutting of wheels. Following the diamond cutting process, we apply powder coating followed by a clear lacquer coat. Our wheel repair garage in Newcastle Upon Tyne provides precise diamond cutting service.

  • Cosmetic repairs

Repairs over a small patch of an area are called cosmetic repairs. Our facility in Fenham is well equipped to repair all minor damage.

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