Audi Bodywork

We, Fenham Garage Services, have inaugurated our standalone Audi bodywork repairs in Fenham to help you maintain the condition of your car’s bodywork, bumper, wheels, and several other important components.

Our trained technicians use only the genuine parts to repair or replace the damaged units, ensuring manufacturer-specific quality and zero violation of the warranty after the service. We will ensure that your car stays in the best condition even after the repair, and its resale value stays intact.

Audi à la carte

Audi AG was created in 1985, and the company quickly rose to fame with its high-performance Audi Quattro and Audi A8. It developed into a brand that is aimed solely at manufacturing high-performance, customer-friendly vehicles with a pedigree earned at various race tracks around the world.

Audi’s cars are immensely popular in the UK. They are liked because of their reliability, performance, efficiency, and value-for-money. We cater to a large number of clientele solemnly using Audi models.

Our technicians are equipped with the cutting-edge tools to bring the factory-finish every time you avail a car body repair in Fenham from our garage. The equipment is designed specifically for Audi’s vehicles, ensuring quality repair and replicates the original factory standards.

What do we have to offer?

We are licenced to perform all the different types of body repair for Audi’s range of vehicles. From rear/back glass (part number – 8T0845501CNVB) to rear view mirror (part number – 8T0857511AFEP5), we maintain a huge inventory to offer you an instant replacement of the body parts. Also, we repair different types of chassis damage including damage caused by accident.

Our auto body shop in Fenham offers services to almost all the different Audi variants. Here is a brief view of the vehicles that we stock spares.

Audi Sport –

  • R8.
  • RS3.
  • RS4.
  • RS5.
  • RS6.
  • RS7.
  • TT RS.

Audi coupes and convertibles –

  • A5.
  • S5.
  • TT.

Audi sedans and sportbacks –

  • A3.
  • A3 e-tron.
  • A4.
  • A5 Sportback.
  • A6.
  • A7.
  • A8.
  • S3.
  • S4.
  • S5 Sportback.
  • S6.
  • S7.
  • S8.

Audi SUVs, crossovers and wagons –

  • Q3.
  • Q5.
  • Q7.
  • A4 Allroad.

The best Audi bodywork repairs in Fenham

At Fenham Garage Services, we believe in providing the best services to all our customers. That’s why we work hard and offer an additional care to all the vehicles that our customers bring to us for repairs. We will ensure you drive out of our garage with a car that has a factory finish, even if it’s a classic model.

Visit Fenham Garage Services in Fenham today; give your Audi the luxury treatment it deserves.