BMW Bodywork Repair

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If your BMW vehicle needs any bodywork, we at Fenham Garage Services are here to deliver it to you affordably. We are a prominent name for providing BMW bodywork repairs in Fenham no matter what the model is.

Our professionals undergo strict training and have the best equipment to serve your car. We also provide you with a lifetime warranty certificate for the bodywork repairs once the repair is complete. Our facility also has a fleet of courtesy cars, so you can easily reach your workplace and home while your car is being repaired.

BMW sold more than 172,000 models in the UK back in 2018. Its Mini brand sold more than 67,000 models that same year. BMW achieved the rank of the 5th best-selling car brand in this country.

Currently, the company has their Series 1 to 8, X Models, the Z4, the M, for sale in the UK, taking the total number of models to more than 40.

Whatever model you own, we can provide the following for your BMW vehicle:

1. Body repairs

A severe accident will cause significant damage to your vehicle’s body. However, there is no reason to be stressed seeing the extent of damage. No matter what the magnitude of damage is, our technicians can restore your car to its original condition.

They will remove the damaged parts, add the new ones, apply paint, and add finishing touches to it. Technicians in our Fenham garage will also ensure that the paint job matches the original colour code of your vehicle unless you want a new paint cover.

2. Scratch removal

Scratches are one of the most common occurrences for which you can take help from our garage BMW approved Bodyshop Newcastle Upon Tyne. A simple scratch can not only lead to corrosion but also decrease your vehicle’s resale cost.

Hence, bring your car as soon as possible to our body shop to have it repaired. Don’t ignore scratches even they are minuscule.

3. Dents removal

Along with scratches, dents are another thing that brings your vehicle’s resale value. But, Fenham Garage Services is here to take care of that too. Our professionals can also deliver paint-less dent removal services on specific BMW models.

Not only your BMW’s body, but we can fix scratches and dents in other areas like:

  • Bumper

Car bumpers are prone to damages. Scratches, dents, cracks, and scrapes are something your BMW’s bumper can come across quite often. We can address any of these irrespective of their expanse.

  • Alloy wheels

Another component which can call for BMW bodywork repair Newcastle Upon Tyneis alloy wheels. Such wheels can also get scratched, scraped, or damaged due to various reasons.

Why Fenham Garage Services?

Our BMW bodywork garage in Fenham is one-of-a-kind workshop delivering such services. Our experience combined with our quality and affordability of service has made us one of the desired choices for BMW car owners for quite some time now.

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