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The French brand Citroen is widely popular in the English market for its prices and quirky designs. Some of its famous models are Citroen C1, C3, C4, Berlingo Multice, DS5, etc.

If you are looking for a reliable facility for affordable bodywork repairs, Fenham Gragare Services is your ideal destination. Since we are a Citroen approved bodyshop Newcastle upon Tyne, you can trust us to get the best possible bodywork services for your vehicle.

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Bodywork repairs we provide

Our services of Citroen approved bodyshop Newcastle upon Tyne include the following:

Scratches and paint

Be it minor or major, scratches affect the overall appearance of a vehicle. If such scratches are not fixed on time, they might even accumulate rust.

At Fenham Garage Services, our bodywork repairing technicians will provide a touch up to the vehicle’s paint (if required) and apply top-quality primer and sealant to the damaged area, following a base coat and polyurethane finish.

Dent removal

Like scratches, dents are also a nightmare to most car owners. At Fenham Garage Services, we offer paint-less dent removal services as a part of our Citroen approved bodyshop Newcastle upon Tyne.

Depending on the nature of dents, our technicians can efficiently remove them from aluminium and steel panels.

Alloy wheel scuffs

Scuffed and kerbed alloy wheels not only look bad. Depending on the extent of the damage, they can even affect your vehicle’s handling performance and driving safety. Hence, to restore the condition of your car’s alloy wheels, our technicians will sand the damaged area, clean the surface and apply a primer and colour-coded paint.

Bumper repair

Be it bumper scratches or post-collision dents, the professionals of Fenham Garage Services can fix everything. Our bumper repair includes reshaping and repairing the bumper, applying primer, sealant and, at last, refinishing the bumpers.

Apart from these body repairs, we provide high-end paint-protective solutions and conduct other maintenance checks to make sure your Citroen looks as good as new.

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