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An engine diagnostic session at Fenham Garage Services helps to determine any underlying issue with the engine and other critical components of a car. Reading diagnostic codes requires specific software and the technical know-how which our technicians bring to the table.

We perform engine diagnostic in Fenham with unparalleled efficiency and promptness. Since there are numerous complications involved in the process, we urge you to bring your car to our service station at the slightest sight of trouble.

Efficient engine diagnostic services

Gone are those days when a technician had to manually look for the source of a problem in a car. Now, we have the technology to plug in your vehicle to computer software for diagnosis and resolution underlying issues. Numerous microprocessors, chips and sensors installed with various parts of your car monitor their functionality and additionally alert the driver in case of faults.

A typical engine diagnostic Newcastle Upon Tyne comprises of the following elements –

  • System analysis
  • Pinpoint testing of each concerned part
  • Visual inspection of related elements
  • Component diagnosis

Our proficient technicians are well-equipped with the latest tools for carrying out engine diagnostic in Newcastle Upon Tyne with absolute precision. Bring your car to our garage whenever you notice your Check Engine Light is lit. It indicates that there is an issue with one or more critical components of your vehicle requiring professional intervention.

Decoding CEL and diagnostics codes

Any malfunction in the engine or any related component triggers the CEL light. The sensors installed in those parts detect the fault and assigns a diagnostic code to it.

The code is known as the Diagnostic Trouble Code or DTC. Depending on your carmaker, there may be over 11,000 codes, each signalling towards a specific point of malfunction.

However, these codes are generic in nature and do not offer precise diagnosis. They only point towards the component that requires inspection along with additional data relative to its malfunction. It takes the professional expertise of our technicians to identify the exact problem and take preventive measures.

The process of engine diagnostic in Fenham is rather complicated.

We will attach a scanner tool to the OBD port of your car and gather the fault code readings. It will also give us critical information on the software version number, freeze frame data and sensor data.

It should provide us with an insight into where to look for issues, against which able technicians at Fenham Garage Services will take appropriate correctional measures.

Accurate services with guaranteed results

Like any other service at Fenham Garage Services, our engine diagnostic in Fenham is accurate to the minutest detail. Avail our service should you face any diagnostic trouble with your car.

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