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Looking for a bodyshop repairing garage for your DS car in Newcastle upon Tyne?

Look no further!

Fenham Garage Services has got you covered.

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We are a DS automobiles approved bodyshop Newcastle upon Tyne. We work with a team of trained technicians who use advanced tools and high-tech instruments to conduct safe bodywork repairs. Feel free to book an appointment with us online and get a repair quote as well.

The DS lines of vehicles were introduced to the market by the French vehicle manufacturer Citroen in late 2009 and became a standalone brand in 2015. The European line-up of DS vehicles consists of 3 models. Regardless of the DS car model you own, feel free to call us for a booking.

How can our bodywork repairs help?

At Fenham Garage Services, we offer the following services to restore your vehicle’s appearance.

Scratch repair

Scratches not only look unpleasant but also reduce the vehicle’s resale value. At our garage, our professionals can efficiently repair vehicle scratches, including vandal scratches, plastic bumper scratches, deep car scratches, etc.

Dent repair

The professionals of Fenham Garage Services can repair minor dents, trolley dents, and parking dents and are also renowned for their paint-less dent repairs.

Bumper repairs

We can keep you from expensive bumper replacements in case your vehicle has met with a minor accident. At our garage, we specialise in an extensive range of bumper repairs, including bumper scuffs, bumper scratches, minor bumper cracks, bumper holes, bumper texture damage, etc.

Alloy wheel repairs

Along with minor car bodyshop repairs Newcastle upon Tyne, we also provide fast and cost-effective alloy wheel repairs. Our bodyshop professionals will first clean the damaged area by sanding. Then, they will apply a primer and colour-coded paint to restore the original look. 

Apart from these repairs, we also provide rust repair, re-spraying, panel beating, accident restoration, and many more bodywork services.

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To restore your DS car to its original factory-finish look, drive over to Fenham Garage Services at 37 Hadrian Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 9HN.

You can also call us on 01912 722322 for a booking and get a quote.


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