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The electrics in your car include numerous components which account for a safe drive. As the year pass, car manufacturers include more features to make your journey safer. Blind Spot Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, etc. are some of the technologies that contribute to the same.

As these components become complicated, so does their maintenance. That’s where we at Fenham Garage Services come in. We have a team of professional technicians who can get to the root of any problem and provide a swift resolution.

Bring your car to us for any electrical repair in Fenham. Some of the components that we can repair or replace include:

1. Battery

At the heart of a majority of the electrical component is the battery. It powers a number of auto electric devices. Hence, a dead or dying battery will cause them to function incompletely or malfunction on the whole.

Bring your vehicle over to our garage if the same happens. We will take a look at the battery to check whether it needs replacement or merely a change.

2. Alternator

Along with the battery, an alternator is another one that powers various parts. Components acting funny can also be the reason behind a failing alternator. Hence, bring your vehicle to our workshop in Fenham at the earliest.

3. Power windows

A window crank handle has become almost extinct. Thanks to power windows, your convenience is increased tenfold. However, any problems will cause the electrics in the windows to go haywire. But, not to worry as we are here to provide you with electrical repair in Fenham.

4. Lights

Headlights, rear lights, indicators, dashboard indicator lights, and various other lamps in your car are critical not only to ensure safety but also to pass an MOT test. If any light has gone out or having problems, immediately bring your vehicle over to our garage for an electrics repair in Fenham.

Such repairs also fall under the umbrella of our standalone OEM-grade bodywork repairs in Fenham. We provide manufacturer-sourced aftermarket parts for replacements other than specialising at industry-grade bodywork repair and servicing.

5. Air conditioning

Is there frost appearing in the AC vents? Is your car AC blowing warm air? Is the AC compressor not stopping? Are your experiencing irregularities in the air?

All of the above problems concern your car’s air conditioning which needs to be addressed at the earliest. If you want a comfortable and peaceful drive in the summer, bring your vehicle to Fenham Garage Services for air con repairs.

Why take our services?

Our technicians provide electrics repair in Fenham that can resolve any issues with your vehicle. Their expertise has been significant behind the eminence of Fenham Garage Services.

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