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Your car’s exhaust system is an amalgamation of several components that work in unison to lower emissions. A typical exhaust system will constitute a cylinder head, exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, and silencer.

The primary objective of an exhaust is to convert the toxic gases produced by the engine during combustion, convert them into CO2 and water and expel them from your car.

Any problems in this system can bring a lot of trouble for your vehicle. Thus, you will need an exhaust repair in Fenham. However, no matter what the problem is, Fenham Garage Services can take care of all.

What causes an exhaust system to become faulty?

Some of the reasons which cause an exhaust to fail –

1. Exhaust leaks

A leak in the exhaust pipes may occur if you drive over rough or uneven roads. The more your car shakes, the more chances of a leak appear.

2. Malfunctioning oxygen sensor

If the oxygen sensor inside your car malfunctions, it won’t be able to produce the necessary mixture of air and fuel. The irregularity in this mixture may further cause the catalytic converter to become clogged.

3. Rust

Accumulation of rust inside your car’s exhaust system leads to corrosion which can hinder its functionality. In such situations, you have to head over to exhaust service in Fenham.

Common exhaust system problems

Watch out for these issues in your car’s exhaust –

I. Lower fuel efficiency – Any faults in an exhaust system causes your car’s fuel consumption to go up. You will have to address these issues immediately by bringing you vehicle to our garage in Fenham.

II. Lower acceleration – Problems with the exhaust system also lowers your vehicle’s acceleration. These issues will restrict the performance of the engine. Thus, you will not be able to accelerate and also not receive the ideal power when you do so.

III. Smell of gas – A leaking exhaust pipe will cause the exhaust fumes to escape from the system. A tell-tale smell inside the cabin is an unmistakable symptom. You will need to contact an exhaust repair garage in Newcastle Upon Tyne like us as soon as possible in such situations.

Pungent smell from the engine bay – Any leak in the exhaust system near your vehicle’s engine bay might cause the plastic wiring under the hood to melt. Thus, you will get a pungent smell from inside the engine bay.

Why Fenham Garage Services?

We are one of the most renowned exhaust repair garage in Fenham. Our professionals will ensure complete resolution of any car-related problems you may have while keeping an eye out for your budget.

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