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Ferrari is a high-end luxury sports car manufacturer known for the upscale engineering and technologically advanced specifications in its vehicles. Its cars are extremely popular in the country and a favourite among sports car enthusiasts for their stellar appearance and performance.

Performance-wise, Ferrari car owners rarely face any issue. But when it’s about maintaining the vehicle’s aesthetic allure, most of them are worried about scratches and dents. To that end, you need not worry anymore with Fenham Garage Services at your disposal.

Our experts offer excellent Ferrari repairs Newcastle upon Tyne with a personalised approach, high-end equipment, and innovative techniques that deliver perfect results within the least possible time.

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Services we offer

Scratch removal

In case your Ferrari has a scratch in its paintwork, it is imperative to get it removed by experts as soon as possible. Prolonged untreated scratches not just affect the classy look of your vehicle but can also lead to rust accumulation, resulting in more extensive repairs in the future.


At Fenham Garage Services, our experts know everything about removing scratches. Once their work is done, nobody will ever know, there has been a damage.

Dent removal

Like scratches, dents also affect the aesthetic appeal of your car. Plus, dent removal is a highly intricate process and requires professional understanding. At our garage, we have a team of technicians trained explicitly in Ferrari body scratch and dent removal services. These experts efficiently get rid of the dents no matter how big or small.

We also offer paintless dent removal services, depending on the make and model of your car.

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are manufactured with non-ferrous metals and are susceptible to damages, like dents, scratches, bends, kerb impacts, corrosion, cracks, etc. Our experts can efficiently repair your vehicle’s alloy wheels irrespective of the damage, using excellent techniques, like powder coating, diamond repair, and cosmetic repair, to remove all blemishes from the wheels and colour-match them to restore their original aesthetic appeal.


Our experts possess exhaustive knowledge in bodywork repairs and remove any bumper cracks or scuffs with our advanced equipment. They also repaint the damaged section to ensure flawless Ferrari repairs Newcastle upon Tyne.

Apart from these, we also offer paint protection solutions to help hold the integrity of your car’s paint.

Hence, search no further for “Ferrari bodywork repair near me” and schedule your appointment with us by calling on 01912 722322.

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