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Fiat is one of the most renowned car manufacturers in the UK with more than 35,000 units sold back in 2018. The Fiat 500 is a favourite among the people which alone touched sales of almost 25,000 in the same year.

A substantial number of such Fiat car owners have come across a major or minor accident that has left an ugly mark in their vehicles. If you are one such individual, then we at Fenham Garage Services have got you covered. Our facility also has a fleet of courtesy cars, so you can easily reach your workplace and home while your car is being repaired.

We provide with Fiat bodywork in Fenham for restoring your car’s exterior aesthetics to its originality.

What can we remove?

1. Paintwork scratches

A minor scratch might not attract much attention. But, did you know that it lowers your car’s resale value? Also, a prolonged scratch can lead to the accumulation of rust. Thus, you will end up spending even more on your Fiat.

Hence, it is best you head over to our garage in Fenham to avail bodywork and have the scratch removed. Our technicians will match the colour of your car’s specification code ensuring the restoration is seamless. They make sure that the scratch gets removed properly, and the area looks as good as new.

2. Dent removal

Not only scratches but dents are also visually unpleasing. At Fenham Garage Services, we have individuals who can remove a dent and add new paint to the same in just a couple of hours.

We also have experts in our Fiat bodywork garage in Fenham who can deliver a paint-less dent removal service depending upon your car model and make.

3. Alloy wheel scuffs

There is no doubt that alloy wheels look exceptional. However, any scrapes to them will make them unattractive. Our technicians first sand the target area and then apply paint to restore its look. They may also add a layer of primer before the paint job.

4. Bumper cracks or scuffs

One of the most prone areas of cracks and scuffs is the bumper. The technicians at our disposal have removed the same numerous times in several car models. They will also conduct colour matching in this case to ensure the correct execution of Fiat bodywork Newcastle Upon Tyne.

What else do we offer?

At Fenham Garage Services, you can also avail paint-protection solutions which can hold the integrity of your car’s paint job for prolonged periods.

Other than the ones mentioned above, we can make any irregularities on your car’s exteriors disappear at our Fiat bodywork garage in Fenham.

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