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At Fenham Garage Services, we understand how important it is for you to keep your vehicle in proper working order. That’s why we offer free vehicle health check in Fenham to every customer with each visit.

Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your car, and create an easy to understand report showing the condition of its most essential components. We are one of the few garages in Fenham that offers this complimentary service.

We inspect several parts of a car to ensure it is in a safe and usable condition. Here is a list of what is included in our complimentary vehicle check in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

  • Bodywork – We will check the state of your car’s chassis and outside body panels. Our technicians will inspect for any external damages, colour fading, deformation of body panels both inside and outside of the vehicle, etc. and provide the necessary bodywork repair in Fenham for your car.
  • Brakes – Brakes are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. Malfunctioning brakes can increase its stopping distance, and in severe cases, can negatively affect its handling characteristics. To ensure you don’t face any issues, we will test your car’s brake calipers, brake pads, brake lines, and hydraulic fluid in a free vehicle health check in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
  • Tyres – The British Government mandates at least 1.6mm tread depth on all four tyres of a vehicle to ensure it is safe to drive on the road. Also, none of your car’s tyres should have any external damage, cuts, bulges, tears larger than 25mm. The entire carcass should be in an integral condition with no visible ply separation.

We will carefully scrutinise the entire set for any visible damages and measure their tread depths in our test. If any faults are found, we will inform you about it accordingly.

  • Exhaust – We will measure your car’s exhaust emission and also look for any damage on its piping, catalytic converter, and muffler. It will ensure you abide by the regulations implemented by the DVSA.
  • Steering – A free vehicle health check in Fenham also includes an inspection of your car’s steering angle, responsiveness, and condition of steering fluid.
  • Suspension – We will also check the condition of your car’s suspension system. It includes a test of its main springs and dampener systems.
  • Lights – All the external and internal lights of your vehicle will be tested for their effectiveness and brightness.
  • Fluid Level – Fluids including engine coolant, engine oil, brake oil, etc. will be checked for their condition and quantity. If the quality is below-par or the fluid level is lower than necessary, we will inform you and refill it according to your preference.

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