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At Fenham Garage Services, we understand how much pain even a minuscule scratch or dent can cause. That’s why we offer standalone Jeep bodywork repairs in Fenham. Let us help you remodel your Jeep back to pristine new conditions.

Our facility also has a fleet of courtesy cars, so you can easily reach your workplace and home while your car is being repaired.

Jeep’s production line in the UK consists only of SUVs or 4x4s. Renegade, Compass, Wrangler, Cherokee, and Grand-Cherokee are the four models currently available in the UK market. Irrespective of the model, we have the expertise to fix any Jeep vehicles that ply the UK roads.

Why are bodywork services important?

  • Firstly, a scratch removes the paint job and exposes the underlying chassis. Prolonged exposure to the environment causes the area to attract rust. Thus, you will have to spend even more to have the corrosion removed.
  • Secondly, a scratch or dent leads to your car’s resale value to come down. You may also lose a potential buyer for the same.

Our services

To make sure you and your car don’t suffer the above, our Jeep bodywork garage in Fenham has the following to offer:

1. Body repair

In case your vehicle has undergone massive damage, we have the capabilities to repair the body to its original conditions. Our technicians can remove and/or re-weld panels, straighten chassis frames and rails, fix dents, and add a fresh coat of paint.

Fenham Garage Services makes sure that the paint we provide matches the colour code of your Jeep. Don’t fret about the costs because we only deliver affordable services.

2. Bumper repairs

The bumper is an area which undergoes the majority of scratches, dents, and scrapes. At our garage in Fenham, we see a significant number of motorists with such issues.

That’s why we provide Jeep Body Repair Newcastle Upon Tynespecifically to fix your car’s bumper. Fixing issues with a bumper take considerable time. However, our experts can deliver the same within a 24 hour timeline.

3. Scratches and dents

Last but not the least, scratches and dents are the ones that the technicians at our Jeep bodywork garage in Fenham are expertise at. They are also skilled in providing paint-less scratch removal as per requirements.

Bodywork at Newcastle Upon Tyne Garage Services

We provide Jeep bodywork repairs in Newcastle Upon Tyne that can outperform the services of all other. Our experts will repair scratches, dents, and scrapes professionally along with OEM replacements to ensure your satisfaction with our services.

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