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Lamborghini is a famous name in the luxury sports car segment, known globally and in the UK for its best-in-class technological specifications and stand-out looks. There’s little that can go wrong with Lamborghini vehicles, performance-wise. However, a tarnished bodywork can compromise their aesthetic value.

If you face an associated issue, fret no more and visit Fenham Garage Services. We offer comprehensive Lamborghini bodywork repairs Newcastle upon Tyne, which includes removing scratches and dents, alloy wheel refurbishment, etc. Furthermore, we use advanced techniques and state-of-the-art tools to conduct these services and guarantee accurate results.

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Lamborghini bodywork repair services available at our garage

Paintwork - scratches

Paintwork scratches are the most common bodywork damages. Even a minute scratch can spoil your Lamborghini’s appeal. Furthermore, if left untreated for long, those cause rust accumulation, which is far more damaging and results in unavoidable repairs in the long run.

Our experts possess in-depth knowledge in bodywork repairs for all car models and adopt a specialised approach for high-end cars like Lamborghini. They use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to remove paintwork scratches and also colour-match it to the original form.


In case your Lamborghini sustains a severe dent, avail our services of Lamborghini repairs Newcastle upon Tyne. Our team of trained professionals possess exhaustive knowledge in dent removal for high-end Lamborghini models and can also conduct perfect colour matching to restore your car’s aesthetic value.

We also specialise in paint-less dent removal, depending on your car’s make and construction.

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels certainly add finesse to your car’s overall appearance. However, these are susceptible to impact damages. At our workshop, we follow efficient processes to repair alloy wheels. Our experts clean the alloy wheel to identify the nature of the damage and accordingly rectify it using top-of-the-line methods like diamond cutting, powder-coating, cosmetic repair, etc.


Bumper cracks or scuffs are another typical bodywork damage necessitating timely repairs. Our experts possess all the technical know-how to remove bumper cracks or scuffs off any Lamborghini car model. The damaged area is coloured to match its showroom-new lustre.

Apart from this, we also offer efficient paint protection solutions to ensure your Lamborghini’s paint lasts for an extended period.

Hence, look no further for Lamborghini bodywork repair services near me and contact us on 01912 722322.

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