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Headlights are essential to obtain optimum visibility on the roads. What if headlights fail to provide the only function they are expected to perform? Out-dated headlights pose a significant risk to the motorists who drive at night. They tend to disrupt the co-motorists vision at high speeds. To counter these issues matrix headlights are being used by most of the luxury brands. It doesn’t matter if you own a luxury brand’s car or not to get the matrix headlights. Now with our Digital Headlight Tester- MLT 3000, our experts can easily help you with the conversion of inefficient single beam light into exceptional matrix headlight Newcastle Upon Tyne.

What is matrix headlight?

As the name suggests, matrix headlight is a combination of cleverly used smaller LED lights. The beam projected by these lights is controlled with the help of a camera unit. The camera unit tracks the objects in the front of the car and turn a segment lights on and off accordingly. Instead of forming a beam from one light, numerous small lights are used and are directed with different projections. If the cone of the beam is hindering the visibility of a driver in front, the particular LED causing the issue will automatically be turned off.

That is not all; matrix lights effeciently uses the car’s power to illuminate only the required part of the road.

How do we convert the original headlights into the matrix?

To successfully obtain a fully-functional matrix headlight from a standard one is a complex process. In order to perform this job effectively, we make use of Digital Headlight Tester- MLT 3000. The machine is capable of installing a high CMOS camera to control the functionality of these headlights. Another advantage of this machine is that it provides complete control over the customised lights. The customisation is intentionally made robust to offer excellent on-road longevity.

When you come to us, at Fenham Garage Services, our experts help you understand the need of installing matrix headlights Newcastle Upon Tyne in your car. The headlights have a large number of customisation options. Further, due to the use of matrix headlights, a number of accidents can easily be prevented. To know more about the service, don’t forget to call us at our garage. We will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements.

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