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Owners of luxurious Mercedes-Benz cars in Newcastle upon Tyne will be pleased to know that a reliable bodywork repairing garage is near their vicinity. We, Fenham Garage Services, are a trusted name, known especially for our top-notch bodywork repairs.

So, if you require a Mercedes repair Newcastle upon Tyne, our services are tailor-made for you. Our experts are well-versed in dealing with all automotive bodywork damages, from minor scuffs to body panel restorations. Moreover, we carry out all repair works in accordance with the BS10125 and BS10125-ISO 9001 standards for optimised safety and efficiency.

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Please feel free to use our online booking tool. All you have to do is enter your car registration number or make and model details. Along with that, you can also get an online repair quote from us.

Take a look at our Mercedes body repair services

Alloy wheel repairs

Alloy wheels are an incredible addition to your car’s aesthetics. At the same time, car owners must know that these rims tend to get damaged more easily. You can turn to us for professional and affordable alloy wheel repairs for your Mercedes car in those cases.

Rust removal

Several aspects cause the accumulation of rust on a vehicle’s body, such as the automobile’s age, its material, your driving style, and various other factors. However, you can rely on our team of technicians to effectively remove rust from your car’s surface.

Accident restoration

In case your car has been in an accident, we suggest you bring it to us for a Mercedes repair Newcastle upon Tyne. We can confidently say that our complete bodywork repairs will restore your car to its original appearance.

Scratch and dent removal

All vehicles on the road, irrespective of their make or model, are vulnerable to scratches and dents. However, since such damages can lower your Mercedes’ visual appeal by a considerable degree, we suggest you choose us for scratch and dent removals. We employ professional colour-matching techniques to cover up all signs of damage flawlessly.

Furthermore, our team also assists you with insurance claims in the case of accident restoration. Therefore, you can be assured of enjoying a hassle-free experience with us.

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