MOT Repairs

The MOT is a mandatory test that all car owners have to take every year provided their vehicle is 3 years old or more. It certifies that your car is safe and secure to drive. Testers will conduct a thorough check of your vehicle and assess whether it is drive-worthy.

Any faults will result in an MOT failure. That’s why we, Fenham Garage Services, are here to provide you with top-end pre and post MOT services and help you pass the test with zero issues.

Our MOT repairs in Fenham will not only help your vehicle pass the test but also provide the necessary diagnosis to repair any underlying issue which can come up in the future.

Some of the repairs that we conduct as part of our pre-MOT and post-MOT services:

1. Tyres

Did you know that the minimum tread depth that your car tyres need to have is 1.6mm? You can check the tread depth simply with a 20p coin. Insert the coin into the tread. The depth is lower than the minimum if the outer rim of the coin is visible.

In case your tyres have such a tread depth, it is advisable to opt for a new set of services. Fenham Garage Services can also help out here. We have tyres from some of the most renowned brands like Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, and Bridgestone, to name a few.

Other than tread depth, our technicians will also check your car tyres for any exposed cords, lumps, tears, bulges, etc.

2. Electrical equipment

The most vital electrical equipment which falls under the MOT scanner include:

  • Wiring
  • Lights
  • Dashboard lights
  • Horn
  • Battery

Headlights, rear lights, indicators, etc. are crucial to pass a test. We are a prominent MOT garage in Fenham that will make sure these are correctly placed, secured, emanating the right colour and beam, etc.

3. Brakes

Your car’s braking system is another component that our technicians at Fenham Garage Services will check. They will ensure that the brakes perform and respond accordingly.

4. Exhaust system

Technicians will also check the exhaust system in your vehicle. The emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide must be under the certified limit.

5. Suspension

We check to see whether the suspension system is devoid of any damages, corrosion, etc. Our garage in Fenham will repair any faults in your car’s suspension system to make sure it passes an MOT test.

6. Steering

Your car’s steering is another critical component that must function the right way to pass this test. Don’t fret because our MOT garage in Fenham has got you covered for the same.

7. Bodywork repairs

We specialise at bodywork repairs in Fenham across multiple manufacturers. Considering that the MOT takes exterior body damage or abrasions seriously, you can rest assured to benefit from the best possible set of repairs at our garage.

Why Fenham Garage Services?

Experience is one of the words that has enabled us to deliver superior MOT repairs in Newcastle Upon Tyne over time. Plus, the affordable rates are something that makes us one of the ideal choices for motorists in this area.

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