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Fenham Garage Services now offers car recovery facilities and roadside assistance in Fenham. We provide breakdown repairs to different types of vehicles, with recovery and towing services included in the package.

If you require immediate breakdown recovery services, call us right now. Our facilities are available for you 24/7. Our representative will meet you at the location with a recovery team, and if required, towing equipment too. Depending on the condition of the automobile, we will either perform a roadside repair or bring it back to our garage for a complete assessment and restoration.

Our commitment –

Our objective is to provide the complete array of services related to car recovery in Fenham and its surroundings. Our expert technicians are familiar with all kinds of issues that can happen with your vehicle. From roadside repairs to in-house overhauls, we can restore your car and make it suitable for daily use in the least amount of time.

Common issues –

Modern vehicles are incredibly complicated machines. All its components are in tune with each other, and if any of these stops working, it can end up stalling your car. That’s why we prefer to perform a complete and thorough inspection whenever we come across a sudden breakdown in or around Fenham.

Some of the most common issues causing breakdowns are the following –

  • Faulty battery – Batteries are the reserve power sources of a vehicle. You will not be able to start your car or operate its basic functionalities if they are completely drained.

We often come across cases where a customer requests roadside assistance for car recovery Newcastle Upon Tyne or surrounding areas because of a malfunctioning car battery. Most of the times, we can successfully recharge your car’s battery and turn it to be operational within minutes. However, if the battery is too old, you may need to have it replaced.

  • Engine stalling – Faulty carburettor, malfunctioning fuel-injection system, clogged sump lines, fuel-injection port, exhaust manifold, and several other issues can cause your car engine to stall. If your car’s engine seems reluctant to start back, call Fenham Garage Services for a recovery operation.

We will tow your vehicle to our garage to perform the necessary repairs of your car’s engine. We will replace or repair the faulty component according to the requirement.

  • Flat tyre – A lot of the latest vehicles don’t come with a spare tyre; instead, they carry a tyre repair kit. However, using these kits is not an easy task, and many get stranded because they fail to repair a blown out tyre.

If you face a similar issue, give us a call for roadside assistance Newcastle Upon Tyne. We will repair or replace the blown-out tyre as per requirements within an above-satisfactory timeline.

Stuck? Call us now

Call us anytime if you want car recovery and roadside repair services in an emergency. Fenham Garage Services offer complete car care packages, from towing-in your car to making it road-ready, at a pocket-friendly price.

Our roadside assistance services are available 24/7.

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