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Fenham Garage Services prioritises its customer’s convenience above everything else. Hence, we sell only the highest quality of Summer Tyres in Fenham so that you experience the best possible driving. We sell summer tyres from all reputed brands.

Drive with summer tyres from June to August

Summer tyres are designed for operating in hotter temperatures. Hence, an expert in our garage advice car owners in Fenham to mount their car’s wheels with summer tyres before the temperature rises above 8°C.

Features of summer tyres

  • These tyres feature harder tread compounds that resist heat. Rubbers tend to soften in hot weather, which can cause accelerated tread wear on tyres. With summer tyres you are free of the chances of rapid tread wear.
  • Summer tyres comprise of simple block shape tread patterns, which enables them to maintain a large footprint on the road. As a result, these tyres deliver excellent handling.
  • Highly reduced braking distance is another feature of summer tyres. At temperatures above 15°C, vehicles with summer tyres require 6 to 7 meters less to stop than winter tyres.
  • Although summer tyres have fewer sipes in their design, the presence of specially designed tread bars minimises the risk of aquaplaning. Thus mount your car’s wheels with Summer Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne to stay safe on slippery roads during rain.

Due to the above features, summer tyres are highly recommended by technicians at Fenham Garage Services.

Few summer tyres models and their features


  • Lower noise generation on these tyres due to the presence of closed shoulder grooves which results in a comfortable ride.
  • Presence of innovative short braking blocks reduces braking distance on wet and dry roads. Compared to its competitors these tyres exhibit 2.8 meters shorter braking distance.
  • These tyres employ an aerodynamic shape and low heat compound to reduce rolling resistance by 30%.

Goodyear EffieceintGrip Performance

  • Efficient grip features an EU rating of A for wet grip performance. The rating of A is the highest award under the EU regulations. So order these tyres online, to drive with the highest levels of safety on slippery roads.
  • Goodyear employs WearControl technology to create optimal balance between low rolling resistance and wet grip.
  • Thanks to FuelSaving technology, these tyres run on a new base compound that lowers the dissipation of energy on these tyres.
  • Active braking technology increases the contact patch of the tyres which results in a 2m shorter braking distance.


  • Excellent steering control and reactivity due to a hybrid Aramid and Nylon belts in the tyre construction.
  • Ultra-reactive tread patterns inspired by motorsport design.
  • Blend of functional elastomers and hydrophobic silica enables excellent wet grip and braking.

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