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At Fenham Garage Services, we recommend our customers to opt for scheduled maintenance after every 3000 miles.

Other times our experts suggest opting for suspension maintenance is during –

  • Oil change service. Also, it advised to check the power steering fluid and top it off if necessary.
  • When replacing tyres, and after every 15000 miles when replacing tyres or during a wheel alignment service.
  • If your vehicle meets an accident.

Why is suspension so important?

A car’s suspension supports the entire weight of the vehicle and allows it to ride smoothly over rough roads. It allows a vehicle to turn safely and maintain stability during emergency manoeuvres.

The vehicle suspension also maximises the friction between the tyres and the tarmac. Technically, the car tyres are also a part of the suspension. The suspension comprises of various components like the chassis, damper springs, anti-sway bars, and struts.

A defect on any of these components will compromise your car’s performance and reduce driving control, leaving you exposed to danger. So, heading for a timely suspension repair in Fenham will keep you safe.

When to opt for a suspension repair?

  • Rough and tumultuous ride

When every minor bump on the road causes significant vibration on your car’s body, you need to head over to a garage for a suspension service garage in Fenham.

  • Car drifting during turns

A failing suspension system won't be able to keep a vehicle stable against the centrifugal forces during a turn. As a result, you drive with an increased risk of rollover. When this is the case, you'll feel your car drifting or pulling towards the wrong direction during turns.

  • Intense nose dives when stopping

With dysfunctional shocks, you’re likely to experience your vehicle body lurching forward and downward when applying the brakes firmly. Faulty parts can increase a car’s stopping time by 20%.

  • Uneven tyre treads

Uneven tread erosion on your tyres can be due to faulty suspension parts. Localised worn-out spots can be a sign that the suspension isn’t distributing the pressure on the tyres evenly.

On noticing any of these signs of damaged suspension visit Fenham Garage Services. Our state-of-the-art workshop in Fenham houses all facilities necessary for a thorough repair work.

Which suspension parts commonly requires maintenance?

  • Power steering belts

The first sign of this is difficulty when using the steering wheel. A loose or worn power steering belt can lead to hard to handle steering.

  • Shocks and struts that don’t have enough tension

With time, shocks and struts are bound to become ineffective. If your car’s ground clearance is lower in on one side, it means you need to avail a suspension repair in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

  • Damaged tie rods

A bent tie rod causes excess tread erosion and pulling of the steering to one side.

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