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The largest tyre manufacturer in the world, Bridgestone, originated in 1931 in Japan. The name “Bridgestone” is a literal translation of the founder Shojiro Ishibashi’s name. While “Ishi” translates to “Stone”, “Bashi” translates to “Bridge”.

It acquired the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in 1988 to expand their business even more.

As of now, Bridgestone has 51 tyre manufacturing and 26 tyre-related products manufacturing plant all across the world. Its tyres have one of the largest market share’s in the UK.

That’s why we at Fenham Garage Services have an extensive stock of Bridgestone car tyres in Fenham.

Some of the Bridgestone tyres that we recommend:

1. Potenza S001

Potenza S001 is a summer tyre which comes with wide and high-angle lug grooves that eliminate water and decreases the chances of hydroplaning. The unique design of the grooves also reduces noise and reduces rolling resistance thereby increasing lowering fuel consumption.

It also has stiff shoulder blocks that make it more comfortable when cornering your car. It is one of the Bridgestone tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne which comes with an off-centre and straight rib which accounts for high steering response.

2. Blizzak LM001

Another tyre that we at Fenham Garage Services recommend is the Blizzak LM001, a winter tyre that comes with NanoPro-Tech polymers. This compound comes with an equal distribution of silica delivering high contact and grip on winter road conditions.

The tapered lugs and rounded corners evacuate slush and water quickly to give you more control in respectively challenging road conditions. Slated grooves create more traction over snowy roads and help stay maintain control even in complete ice and slush covered terrain.

3. Blizaak LM-80 EVO

The Blizzak LM-80 EVO is another one of the Bridgestone car tyres in Fenham you can go for. It is a winter tyre that comes with transversal grooves that eliminate water and slush to reduce aquaplaning.

The advanced lamellen present in its unidirectional treads provides more traction to your car over winter roads. Also, its stiffer and thinner sipes decrease wet braking and improve cornering over Fenham roads.

Why come to Fenham Garage Services?

We are one of the few garages that maintain an immense collection of Bridgestone car tyres in Fenham. Not only the above, but you can check out several other tyres from this company while at our workshop. What’s more, we also have an exclusive stock of tyres from some of the most renowned brands in the world.


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