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At Fenham Garage Services, we stock only the best brands of car tyres so that our customers are spoilt for choice. So, we sell Continental car tyres in Fenham, as they are one of the best tyre manufacturers in the world. With an experience of over a century in tyre manufacturing and technological innovation, with a set of Continental car tyres on your wheels you can derive the vehicle performance.

Few continental tyre models available in the UK

EcoContact 6

  • These tyres maximise fuel efficiency due to improved component distribution and optimised silica integration.
  • Low tread wear rate because of the utilisation of new Green Chili 2.0 compound.
  • Presence of asymmetric ribs increases road grip ensures safe handling.

PremiumContact 6

  • These summer tyres offer maximum wet braking because of Safety Silica compound. Hence these are the ideal choice of Continental tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne during wet conditions.
  • Comfort optimised tread pattern enables driving convenience.
  • Advanced macro block design imparts superior control and cornering stability.

ContSportContact 5P

  • Excellent grip and stable cornering due to the unique design which enables these tyres to adapt perfectly to all road conditions.
  • Applies Continental's trademark Self Supporting Runflat technology. Hence, with these tyres, you can drive for specified distance with a puncture.

At Fenham Garage Services we sell all the above types of Continental tyres.

Why choose Continental?

The manufacturer is credited with developing the world’s first tyres with tread patterns. Moreover, they also developed the first tyre that was approved to run at a speed of 360Km/hr.

Apart from the above innovations, Continental has its own trademark technologies that it applies to compliment the performance of its tyres.

Tyres technologies by Continental

  • ContiSilent

It’s a technology which is designed to reduce the resultant on-tarmac decibel count. The technology doesn't alter any other driving performance characteristics. An inner tyre absorber made from polyurethane foam, placed under the tyre's tread, absorbs all noise. ContiSilent technology can reduce vehicle noise by up to nine decibels, thereby enabling a comfortable driving experience.

  • ContiSeal

A unique technology that enables tyres to self-repair after facing a puncture. The technology allows instantaneous sealing of a puncture up to 5 mm in diameter. Hence, with these tyres, there's no need for an immediate tyre change.

ContiSeal utilises a sticky gum sealant, that is present in the form of a layer on the tyre tread’s inner surface. It can seal 80% of all tyre punctures thus reducing the risk of aquaplaning. So, go for Continental car tyres in Fenham to ensure safety in wet roads.

  • Self-Supporting Runflat

A run-flat tyre technology utilises reinforced sidewalls to prevent a flat tyre. It ensures you can continue driving at 50 mph speed for about 50 miles.

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