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Experts at Fenham Garage Services recommends Dunlop car tyres to its customers. Dunlop is one of the most recognised tyre manufacturers in the world. 127 years of experience goes into every tyre that leaves their factory and mounts on to your car wheels. With Dunlop car tyres in Fenham, you are assured of satisfactory performance in all parameters.

Reasons to use Dunlop tyres

  • Dunlop is the brand that pioneered the manufacturing of pneumatic tyres. Named after John Boyd Dunlop, the inventor of pneumatic tyre himself, the company is a forerunner of tyre technology.
  • They developed a design that enables tyres to prevent aquaplaning in 1962.
  • Dunlop pioneered RunOnFlat technology in 1972, thereby solving the quintessential puncture issues.
  • The company conducts rigorous tests on each of their tyres. With this 360 Quality Tests Approach, they ensure that the Dunlop Car tyres Newcastle Upon Tyneyou mount on your car delivers the best performance.
  • Dunlop is the original tyre equipment for Porsche. Additionally, cars of many other brands such as Alfa Romeo, Ford, Skoda, and Fiat fits Dunlop tyres leaves the assembly with Dunlop tyres.

The above facts justify why experts at Fenham Garage Services in Fenham recommend Dunlop tyres.

Some car tyres models by Dunlop

A little knowledge of the features of the following tyres will help you to comprehend the level of innovation and technology that every Dunlop tyre employs.

Sport MAXX RT 2

  • Commended as ‘Exemplary’ by AutoBild in its 2017, October issue.
  • Enhanced road feedback and steering precision.
  • Increased cornering grip on wet and dry roads.
  • Built-in Rim protection provides better security against sidewall damage, common with kerbing.
  • Equipped with noise shield technology, these tyres reduce interior noise by 50%.

Winter Sport 5

  • Angled sipes in the tyre’s centre increases in length during operation, to improve the tread groove’s ability to open and grab onto surfaces. This ensures superior lateral grip on slippery winter tarmac.
  • Deep grooves in the tyre's tread enable efficient water evacuation, which reduces the risk of aquaplaning. So, these are an ideal choice of Dunlop car tyres in Fenham for driving during winters below 7°C.
  • The unique design of Winter Sport 5 distributes its weight optimally, which results in a low rolling resistance.


  • All-season & 4x4 tyres for such vehicles.
  • Directional groove patterns imparting exceptional high-speed stability.
  • The tyre’s rigid double centre rib decreases noise levels in the vehicle cabin for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. So, if you’re looking for a 4x4 tyre in Fenham that offers comfort as well, this would be the ideal choice.

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