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Fenham Garage Services strives for the best customer experience. Hence, we only recommend the best quality automobile parts. Experts highly recommend Michelin car tyres in Fenham due to their assured high levels of performance.

Michelin is the world's 2nd largest tyre manufacturer. They have a reputation of being the forerunners of tyre technology as they are the inventors of removable tyres, pneurail and radial tyres.

What makes Michelin a top tyre manufacturer?

  • The company invests heavily on R&D, a staggering amount of £60 million every year. Moreover, a large part of their research goes into sustainability.
  • Michelin’s innovation is driven by 7 R&D centres and 69 tyre manufacturing plants all across the world. Their sales agency across 171 countries, they boast a global footprint.
  • They are the pioneers of Run-Flat tech technology. With this innovation, tyres could run for a certain amount of time even after sustaining a puncture.

Additionally, the company holds the patent for multiple other technologies. Thus, at Fenham Garage Services we ask our customers to keep Michelin as their top priority.

Few trademark technologies that Michelin employs

  • BAZ technology

With this technology, Michelin uses a specific tread construction technique by utilising spiral-wrapped nylon strips. These nylon strips, situated in the tyre tread area above the steel belts oppose centripetal force, which helps in avoiding tyre distortion at high speed.

  • Zero Pressure technology

A patented safety technology by Michelin utilises reinforced sidewalls that support the vehicle's weight even after a loss of tyre pressure. It allows you to continue driving at speeds of up to 50mph.

  • Ever grip technology

Due to this technology, Michelin tyres have a special tread design that evolves while the tyre erodes.

Thus, Michelin car tyres in Fenham offer you the guarantee of optimal performance and safety.

Few tyre models by Michelin

  • Michelin CrossClimate +

Grip maximising compound imparts exceptional flexibility, no matter the weather condition.

Presence of bevel-edged tread blocks to enhance braking performance.

V-shaped and long lasting tread pattern maximises traction on snow. So, when looking for winter Michelin Car Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne, this is the best choice.

Michelin PRIMACY4

  • Tread design optimised for longevity enables these tyres to maintain high water clearance levels even when it’s eroded.
  • Presence of tread wears indicator to help know when to go ahead with a tyre change.
  • The tread on these tyres have comprises of latest generation rubber compound, enabling outstanding wet braking performance even when worn. Thus these are an ideal choice of summer tyres in Fenham.

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