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Nexen first came into existence with the name Heung-a Tire back in 1942. The company was the first to manufacture vehicle tyres in South Korea in 1956.

It collaborated with Michelin in 1987, which later got terminated in 1991. It was in 1992 when the company produced the first V-shaped rotational tyre in South Korea. 2 years later, this company changed its name to Woosung.

In 2000, the company changed its name for the final time to Nexen. Throughout these years, Nexen expanded to various parts of the world and established their very first plant in Europe in 2015.

The popularity of Nexen car tyres in Fenham and also in the UK has continuously gone up over the years. That’s why we at Fenham Garage Services bring an exclusive collection of tyres from this company to you.

Few Nexen tyres that you can check out while at our workshop:

1. N’Blue HD Plus

The N’Blue HD Plus is a summer tyre with the following features:

  • Lateral grooves that guarantee necessary traction in wet conditions.
  • Four wide longitudinal grooves that drain water more rapidly to decrease aquaplaning.
  • Highly stiff shoulder blocks that increase your vehicle’s cornering and handling.
  • Three longitudinal ribs that keep your car stable over dry and wet roads.

2. N’Fera SU1

The N’Fera SU1 is another one of the Nexen tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne delivering ultra-high performance and the following features:

  • Optimised shoulder block to increase vehicle control while cornering.
  • Lateral grooves that give you exceptional performance over wet roads.
  • Three centre blocks to deliver more stability and control.
  •  Four wide longitudinal grooves to decrease aquaplaning.

3. Roadian HP

The Roadian HP is another tyre from Nexen that we at Fenham Garage Services have. It suits SUVs and comes with features like:

  • Five random pitch variation that reduces the noise produced considerably.
  • Improved grip while cornering due to large shoulder blocks.
  • Deep and wide directional grooves that enhance wet braking and reduce hydroplaning over Fenham roads.
  • V-shaped pattern that enhances the grip and adjusts to road conditions.

4. N’Fera RU1

The N’fera RU1 is another Nexen tyre that we at Fenham Garage Services have for you. These Nexen car tyres in Fenham have the following features:

  • Unique sipes that reduce pattern noise.
  • 3+1 asymmetric grooves that lower aquaplaning.
  • One narrow groove that increases steering response.

Other than the above, we have almost every Nexen car tyres in Fenham from the manufacturer’s stable. We also have tyres from other widely popular brands from around the world.

Visit Fenham Garage Services and take a look at the most extensive collection of tyres in this area.


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