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Vauxhall Motors is one of the famous British car manufacturers known for its reliability and innovative features. Vauxhall cars are widely used in the UK and even have been the 2nd largest selling vehicle brand in the UK for the last 2 decades.

Besides technologically advanced specifications, Vauxhall cars are specifically favoured for their bold exteriors that feature dynamic colours and excellent bodywork. Hence it would be a shame to have even a minor dent or scratch leaving an ugly mark and jeopardises the overall visual appeal of a Vauxhall car model.

However, you need not fret over it any more as we, Fenham Garage Services, offer Vauxhall bodywork repair Newcastle upon Tyne at an extremely cost-effective rate with a lifetime warranty on bodywork repairs.

What does our Vauxhall bodywork include?

Paintwork scratch removal

Paintwork scratches are the most common type of bodywork damages. If not treated on time, it will lead to an accumulation of rust and cause further damage to the exterior.

At our workshop, we have well-trained experts who use innovative and advanced techniques to remove the paintwork scratches with ease. Furthermore, they will also colour-match the damaged area with genuine paints for the best results.

We also offer a vehicle collection and drop-off service as well as providing courtesy cars for our clients' convenience.

Dent removal

Like paintwork scratches, dents also leave behind an ugly mark on your vehicle, and if not addressed at an early stage, it can lead to hefty repair bills in the future.

Our experts can efficiently remove the dents and if necessary, also colour-match it to perfection. Furthermore, we offer paint-less dent removal solutions depending on the damage.

Alloy wheel repair

Alloy wheels are extremely susceptible to light impact damages, like scratches, dents, cracks, corrosion, bends, kerb damages, etc. Our expert professionals are meticulously trained in assessing and repairing alloy wheel damages and can offer prompt and effective solutions for all these problems. They use specialised techniques, like powder coating, diamond repair, or cosmetic repair to restore your Vauxhall's damaged alloy wheels and colour-match them to perfection.

Bumper repair

We also offer bumper repair at extremely budget-friendly rates. Be it a crack or a scuff, we can efficiently remove it and repair the bumper to its original state using advanced equipment. Furthermore, we will also paint the damaged area with our efficient Vauxhall bodywork repair Newcastle upon Tyne.

Therefore, search no further for Vauxhall bodywork repair near me and give us a call on 0191 2722322.

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