Volkswagen Bodywork

If you are looking for a place to repair or replace your Volkswagen’s damaged body parts, bring it straight to Fenham Garage Services, the largest auto body shop in Fenham. We stock a wide assortment of spares for different models of VWs and offer repair and replacement services as well as fitments at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

We have a team of certified technicians who are proficient in repairing all types of Volkswagen models. We provide repair services to –

  • VW SUVs.
  • Hatchbacks.
  • Saloons and Coupes.
  • Estates and 7-seaters.

We take extra care to adhere to manufacturer specific standards. All the spares (including body paints and auto-interior components) are genuine and imported from the manufacturer itself.

Also, the equipment we use to perform Volkswagen bodywork repairs in Fenham complies with the tooling and specifications of the manufacturer, which ensures factory like finish and continuation of the warranty.

You can bring your vehicle to Fenham Garage Services to repair various types of damages. We cater to cars that have –

  • General body repairs – The outer shell of your car will accumulate several types of small damage for prolonged use. Also, broken light housing, tail lamp, malfunctioning wipers, indicators, lights, etc. can severely increase your safety risk and can cause a failure in MOT.

That’s why we offer general body repair services, where we will perform a thorough and comprehensive inspection of the vehicle’s inner and outer chassis and repair any damaged component. You can also avail a new paint job for your car, our garage in Fenham stocks manufacturer specific paints for all models of VW vehicles.

  • Accident repair – We also cater to vehicles that have been involved in an accident. Our Volkswagen bodywork repairs in Fenham adheres to accidental coverage norms of car insurance companies, which allows you to avail insurance facility to pay for the various repairs your vehicle might need.

You can also avail our car body repair in Fenham to restore or overhaul the interiors of your vehicle. We retail new seats, door liners, inner lining, steering furnishing, and several other parts from both the manufacturer and aftermarket alternatives.

Fenham Garage Services is one of the largest authorised dealers of VW spares and body kits. We are also one of the sought after garage for Volkswagen bodywork repairs in Fenham. Our highly trained technicians and stock of genuine parts allow us to repair any kind of damage to your precious Volkswagen, without changing its original charm.