Air Conditioning

Over time your air conditioning system can deteriorate, so the units require regular servicing to maximise performance and avoid odours.

Air Conditioning Re-gas Recharge Servicing & Repairs Fenham Newcastle

By having your car air conditioning serviced at Fenham Garage Services, you not only protect your health by getting rid of unhealthy bacteria that lives in the system, but you also benefit from much cooler air conditioning. Manufacturers recommend every 2 years.

Symptoms of a faulty car air conditioning system include; weak or inconsistent air flow, low refrigerant temperature levels, frost on the AC vents, or the AC compressor running constantly, which may be caused my various faulty components, leaks or blockages.

At Fenham Garage Services we use the latest air conditioning refrigeration R134a and R1234YF equipment to provide full re gassing and annual maintenance on site in Newcastle Upon Tyne, including full recharge to improve performance, cleaning to prevent smells and odours, and a professional leak investigation and fault diagnosis.


Air Con Re-gas Service

We offer our professional regas recharge service in Fenham, Newcastle Upon Tyne on the latest air conditioning refrigeration R134a (Old Gas) systems and the new R1234yf (New Gas) systems.

We have the latest manufacturers approved equipment to carry out a full service on all vehicles.

* The filling of both gases approximately takes 90 minutes individually.

Air Con Re-gas Service
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