ADAS Calibration

Most modern vehicles include some form of ADAS technology to enhance the safety and security features, from LED headlights and 360° cameras to assisted braking and lane departure recognition.

Advanced Driver Assistance System

ADAS Camera Sensor Matrix Headlight Calibration Fenham, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Did you know… Following any repair, service or windscreen replacement on your vehicle, your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems may need calibrating, this is to ensure your ADAS performance is not compromised?

Our Newcastle Upon Tyne workshop is equipped with the latest manufacturer specific hardware and software equipment to calibrate and reset your vehicles ADAS to manufacturer standards.

Whether it’s cameras to aid parking, or more complicated systems like lane departure warning, Fenham GS use specialist ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance System calibration tools, equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies to ensure your vehicle is recalibrated correctly following an accident or repair.

Dynamic or Static ADAS Fenham

As different cars have differing systems, this will involve either a Dynamic or Static calibration process. Our team of qualified experts will advise you what calibration is required, once the necessary repair work has been completed at our ADAS calibration garage in Newcastle Upon Tyne

  • Static calibration: This is the traditional method of recalibrating the ADAS camera. In this process, our technicians will set up targets at different distances and let the camera calibrate itself from a fixed position.
  • Dynamic calibration: It is the more commonly used approach used. Unlike static calibration, it is done when the vehicle is in motion. The onboard computers are optimised to read specific targets like lane dividers and recalibrate to its OEM specifications.
Dynamic or Static ADAS Fenham
Matrix LED Headlight Alignment Fenham, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Matrix LED Headlight Alignment Fenham, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Similar to your ADAS sensors and cameras, Fenham Garage Services in Newcastle Upon Tyne can also realign and recalibrate specialist matrix LED headlights after an accident.

We use the latest state of the art digital camera headlight alignment tester- MLT 3000 for quick and reliable testing and adjustment of vehicle headlamps to confirm the correct positioning, taking into account all legal limits and manufacturer specifications.

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